Our homes, businesses and places of practice, arewhere we cherish being able to relax, be ourselves
and leave the outside world behind.

But when we move, or buy new homes or offices, the energy of the previous inhabitants linger in the space.

Sometimes, when we visit a home or office, we are able to sense if it feels safe, cozy, warm and welcoming. Other times, a place may appear perfect, but you may sense that something is missing or that you may not want to stay there too long. This may be because there are unwanted and negative energies present.

Using the energy of crystals, I will reinforce your space and keep it
allowing you to feel safe, secure and relaxed in your beautiful home.
(Different blessing and enhancement techniques are available based on your needs.)


During this Home/Business Blessing and Enchantment, I will:

> Energetically shield your home or business
> Enhance your home with up to four powerful geometric forms
> Call in energies that will establish a good home and a better life for you
> Create a wonderful home environment