How often do we lash out, medicate, drink, smoke, run away, or hide our emotions as a way to cope?

It can go from “this one time” to “usually” to the point where that is how we deal with everything. And then we begin to believe it’s simply who we are and how we cope with things.

We have been taught that we are limited
We have forgotten that we have free will and a choice in how we respond to life’s challenges.

These energetic healings go to the root causes of any mental, physical and emotional blocks you may have, clearing out debris and reconnecting you to your unique expression of

When you spend less energy holding onto attachments, limiting beliefs and habitual patterns, you are more free to create and manifest your desires and boldly step towards your dreams. These healings are powerful because they energetically clear the effects of social and/or cultural conditioning, past traumas and hurts, so that you can move forward faster to living your full potential.

As a result of addressing YOU, your life will improve in the areas of finances, career, relationship, physical, emotional and mental health. And because we’re releasing energy at the core of the issue, any other work you do around this topic is magnified or occurs more quickly!

So, would you like to:

Have a stronger connection with the beauty of your divine expression, awaken and express your life purpose, move through life’s obstacles quickly and gracefully, and manifest your desires more easily?

I thought so!

Schedule your call with me and we can design your custom journey together.

I’m excited to connect with you!


Activate your divine blueprint and awaken your life purpose with this healing. In this session, we rebalance your energetic system and infuse your energetic body with more positive energy, which optimizes your body’s ability to flow and manifest. This enables you to bring in and hold more Light in your physical body, giving you more clarity, will and power to discover and develop your hidden gifts and talents.

This activation is a fundamental step to your progress and growth, as it begins to lay the groundwork for deeper healing. Sometimes the effects are immediate and obvious, while for other people, the results can sometimes be more subtle and hard to notice. Although the results may vary, you get exactly what you need.

In addition to the Life Activation itself, this session also includes several energy alignments to help you achieve a sense of peace and connection between your mind, body and spirit:

These energy alignments are:

  • Crown Cap Removal
  • Central Core Balancing
  • 16 Lotus Petal Awakening
  • Elemental and Magnetic Line Balancing
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Negative Crystal Removal
  • Brief Reading

This package also includes a 1-month supply of Purificato and Crystalis – a vibrational elixir that will assist in the facilitation of the energy clearing that began with this session.


Emotional Cord Cutting: There are many negative cords we have created with parents, animals, children, friends, colleagues, lovers etc over our lifetimes and a deep kiss alone can result in a cord that lasts for 7 years.  We may also have created cords with people that are no longer in our lives and it is time to move past that, and a cord cutting is a welcome relief in our life.

The emotional cord cutting allows you to cut the unhealthy attachments between people, things, or behaviours. It clears the subtle energetic connections that can keep a person locked in repeating patterns of thought, feelings and relationship, even when it no longer serves them, as well as the aura of “junk” that may have been accumulated over time.

In many cases, Cord Cuttings help to HEAL relationships. They clean up old connections from past relationships and old attachments, including addictions to habits or drugs and alcohol. allowing positive connections to form and thrive.



Purification by Light: This uses ancient toning of holy words to create a strong vortex of light into your aura to clear up any residues that you are carrying in your auric field. It has the effect of bringing a washing machine in your aura to clean it up! It cleans up any ‘lost souls’, ancestral energies or other parasitic energies that are draining your life force. These energies can be picked up from negative places or negative people. This allows you to have full access to the holy energy of light that has been designed to feed your soul and being so you can live your life fully!

Bad Luck (Negative Spell) Removal: This healing helps clear some curses, thoughts, and/or negative energies which may be (un)intentionally sent from one person to affect another. This restores you to a more natural energetic balance.


Aura Healing: If our aura is like our personal bubble and our energetic immune system, then this is the healing that can mend and patch it up. Our aura is affected by negative thoughts, emotions, coffee, medical or recreational drugs and more. One session can leave you feeling more intact, solid and strong. It produces deep relaxation, enhances personal clarity and creates a healthier sense of relationship boundaries. 

Crystal Healing: Simple and effective, crystal healings address multiple facets of your life.

Are you feeling emotionally drained or reactive? Are you in physical pain? Constantly worrying? Feeling down on yourself? Or do you just want some relaxation and time to de-stress? Or maybe you’re just always running late?

Then a crystal healing would be ideal for you.

Crystal healings can also help you:

  • Heal your emotions
  • Increase libido and passion
  • Find clarity and focus
  • Have better time management
  • Old wounds
  • New wounds
  • Boost of Good Fortune

And for the adventurous and curious, there are crystal readings as well!

When we talk, I’ll ask you a few questions to clarify what’s happening and what you may be struggling with. Then, I’ll set the space for you to heal what you need most, using these powerful crystals.


This Hermetic healing helps reunite lost and scattered aspects due to past experiences, shock and emotional distress.

Once complete, you’ll see the world through new eyes. It also helps you regain a sense of ease, flow, purity and simplicity. You become more present in your body, mind and emotions and you react less to triggers in your environment.

Recommended prerequisite: Life Activation Healing

Specialty Healing for Chronic use of Recreational or Medicinal Drugs + Energetic Detox Reconfiguration

Substance abuse affects millions of people on the planet today. It is the cause of so many ailments of society – from mental health issues, to disease, to crime, to violence and so much more.

An individual’s experience with chronic use and/or addiction can be for various reasons. In the Lineage of King Salomon, we know that those reasons are always rooted in a deeper spiritual and soul-level issues that can be addressed.

There is help and true healing available from chronic use and addiction.

This modality is an advanced healing protocol, specific to the needs of the recovering chronic user (current or past.) It addresses and heals the various energy systems we have as humans:

  • Past Life Emanations
  • Magnetic Imbalance
  • Physical trauma
  • Emotional trauma and heart healing
  • Soul trauma and healing of the pituitary and pineal glands
  • Spirit trauma and restoring divine essence

The power of this modality comes from the immense power that resides within the human soul and its ability to transcend anything the human will chooses to. The strength is within.

We respect and honour medical and holistic rehabilitation, in-and-out patient programs, and recommend that anyone considering the Energetic Drug Detox system to please continue and complete your prescribed support programs.

Minimum of 10 sessions, once every 2-3 weeks.

Recommended prerequisite: Empower Thyself class & initiation.


The services above offered by Adele at TILT Centre reflect different, yet holistic ways to acquire and gain more light in your life. They allow you to express your unique beauty and truth by bringing transformation into your world and the world around you.