Finding your own truth in a world where we’re constantly told to be this, to want that, to do this to be fulfilled, can be daunting,
confusing and intimidating.

I love holding space for people to discover and develop who they truly are. I love sharing tools and training to help people express their

It’s my pleasure and honor to see my clients grow, progress and follow their dreams as a result of this Great Work. They’ve broken through an invisible wall or glass ceiling that was surrounding them for so long.
So many have finally found love, acceptance and freedom.

I work with my clients in various ways to release the energy of their core obstacle, because we go deeper than the mental, emotional or physical symptoms.

I facilitate a safe space and a high-vibe energetic temple of light for my clients, as I remind them of who they really are and what they’re capable of. I want to be a living example of someone who gets it and knows exactly where they’re coming from.

In the process of this work, there is releasing, freedom and healing. And because we’re releasing energy at the core of the issue, any other work you do around this topic is magnified or occurs more quickly.

You expand your abilities, your intuition and unlock gifts you didn’t even know you could develop! You are free to explore and connect with your intuitive gifts using the tools and trainings you gain from our work here.

It’s like you’re training to be a partner to the Universe….which means, you get priority, emergency contact and power. But with greater power, comes greater responsibility, while living a life nobody else is living.


The services below offered by Adele at TILT Centre reflect different, yet holistic ways to acquire and gain more light in your life. They allow you to express your unique beauty and truth by bringing transformation into your world and the world around you.




What are energetic healings and why are they important?

Do you ever feel that no matter how much work you do, you found yourself repeating old patterns? Unable to shake it off? It can be frustrating…it is your life, and you should be able to live it to the fullest on all levels: body, mind, and spirit.

In order to aid you in your healing journey, we use ancient tools, called modalities. These modalities have the capacity to bring about healing and empowerment, while lighting up your aura, heightening your intuition and transforming your entire being.

These tools and practices go to the root causes of any mental, physical, and emotional blocks you have, which frees you to truly release them and move forward. As we grow and go deeper, the layers reveal themselves, and we address the issues as they come up.

Why do people pursue this?

Many people come for different reasons, from all walks of life and with all levels of experience. Some people come to heal themselves, to heal others, to save the world, or to know thyself…

Whatever the original reason for coming, all of those things end up happening in the process. It’s a pretty magickal thing.

What are the results?

My work is all about developing your awareness and empowering you.

Results vary with each person. Some are more obvious and immediate, such as quitting smoking or having a physical illnesses go away. Others are more subtle, such as being able to filter through your thoughts more easily.

While it’s important to have an understanding of what to expect, it is more important to have no attachments to the results, as the results might show up differently in every person…and even in every session!

Here are some examples of what my clients have felt as a result of our work together:

  • Feeling more relieved, joyful, powerful, energized
  • More clarity
  • Ability to sleep better
  • Their family is getting along better

What can I expect during a healing session?

We begin each session with a gentle and open conversation to find out what’s been coming up for you. Then we do the healing. It’s important to note that you are welcome to bring an idea regarding what healing you want to do, but the energy may suggest otherwise…so be open! 🙂

Each healing varies in time and description, and sometimes you’ll be sitting, standing or even laying down. But I’ll always walk you through the entire process.

After each healing, you integrate, enjoy the energy and then the session ends. I always like to follow up a few days after your session to see how you’re doing! But I always welcome you to reach out to me about your experience and what your senses picked up.

What can I expect during a class?

Don’t worry, these aren’t lectures with a test at the end! This is an experiential class. Sometimes I’ll talk and you’ll want to take notes, ask questions and journal your experiences, sometimes you won’t. I may also lead you through a meditation or light activity, depending on the class.

Each class varies in subject and structure, but in general, please bring an open heart and an open mind. The energy becomes very powerful during these classes (some clients get fidgety or even zone out!) and that’s because things are happening and things are integrating. You are receiving.

We’ll be sitting upright, on chairs or cushions. As the beginning of class sets the tone, there may be a little activity before we start. Pillows, chairs, blankets, light beverages and snacks are provided, although you are welcome to bring your own to maintain your energy.

After these classes, you will feel an increased awareness and have more tools to work with. Stay connected and use them well!

“Adele has an amazing energy! I walked into her space and immediately she welcomed me with her inherent warmth and thoughtful attentiveness. She has a very comforting presence and I felt so safe with her. The Life Activation was a great experience and I left feeling nourished in spirit, energized and excited for what would happen next! I highly recommend this naturally gifted healer and empowerment agent.”
Beth Siragusa
“Adele has an incredible ability to hold space and allow for exponential growth and transformation.”
Jacquelynne Maloney
“Adele’s one of the most passionate people I know, and her desire to help others and create real transformation in her clients comes from a deep place of service. It is a privilege to know her and witness her work in the world.”
Kathleen Ventura